Liberal Michael Tomasky, over at The Daily Beast, appears to be hyperventilating at the prospect that Romney will tap Paul Ryan as his Veep. So wouldn’t you agree that Ryan earning such high contempt and derision marks from Tomasky and fellow leftists means he should automatically merit serious consideration for the Veepstakes? I say, “Move to the front of the line, good fellow!”

No one grasps the  budget crisis better than Paul Ryan. And no one has had the guts to tackle medicare reform head on as Ryan has. He’s called out the elephant in the room, explaining the impending debt disaster we face eloquently, sincerely and convincingly. As Rich Lowry pointed out today, he is charming, persuasive and driven by ideas. He remains entirely composed under liberal interrogation. Ryan appeared completely unruffled when a liberal drive-by-media babe lost her mind on air and laughed in his face.

This kind of conservative scares the you- know-what out of liberals. Naturally, a conservative who makes liberals lose their minds is probably a great pick for Romney. Let’s not pretend the media is going to like any GOP Veep pick. Romney’s pick will enjoy two nanoseconds of positive press (if that) and then will instantly be demonized and characterized as enemy #2 and subjected to intense MSM hatred and slander. So I say why not pick a conservative who connects with the American people and causes liberals to lose their minds? It will be endlessly entertaining to watch liberals unravel on a near daily basis. Does anyone remember another famous mid-western conservative with this gift (connecting with American voters while simultaneously driving liberals nuts) from the not too distant past?

Ryan has many excellent attributes. He’s brilliant. He’s a mid-westerner and could help Romney carry the rust belt. He could be President in a heartbeat, and be a very effective President at that. He understands the greatest threat facing the US–our debt–and he’s proposed serious reforms to tackle it head on.

In his book, Wisdom of the Generals, former Clinton Secretary of Defense Major General (ret) William Cohen describes a conversation between Generals Robert E. Lee and James “Pete” Longstreet, Lee’s closest military confidant. Lee questioned Longstreet about President Lincoln’s decision to promote Ulysses S. Grant to General-in-Chief. Longstreet and Grant had attended West Point together and became close friends, with Longstreet even serving as Grant’s best man at his wedding. “Tell me about this new fellow,” Lee asked. “You knew him well, and to tell the truth, I cannot even remember what he looks like from the Mexican War.” Cohen writes that Longstreet’s response to Lee was essentially, “Boss, we’ve got big troubles.’ Cohen explained that “Longstreet knew that Grant simply wouldn’t quit.”

A Ryan pick would be a disaster for Obama. Ryan would mop the floor with Joe Biden’s hair plugs in the Veep debate. He is a GOP street fighter with a smile. His winsome personality is endearing. He went looking for the entitlement reform fight to preserve America for future generations, and he got it. Instead of running away, playing it safe or sucking up to the drive by media, he marched to the sound of the gunfire  into a hail of bullets. He demonstrated extraordinary commitment to advancing conservatism and restoring American greatness. And he’s not giving up.

Ryan would embolden fellow elected conservatives to rise up and fight, and he would spearhead the conservative agenda in Congress. He’s no stranger to controversy, but he has the uncanny ability to remain above the fray and avoid delving into personal insults and sniping. In Wisdom of the Generals, Cohen recounted Lincoln’s admiration for Grant’s resolve and tenacity. “When someone pointed out that Grant drank, Lincoln retorted, ‘Tell me his brand, so that I may send the same to all my generals.'” Lincoln also said of Grant, “I cannot spare this man…he fights.”

In sum, Ryan would be a fabulous Vice-Presidential pick for Romney, because Paul Ryan fights.