I just received an email from Team Sarah this morning (excerpt below) after last night’s invasion. Yes, the liberal trolls invaded the Team Sarah chat room last night but they were taken out. Vulgarism and obscenity seems to be the norm for liberals but watching them whine and cry foul is also the norm for them when facts are thrown back in their face. We scare them not because of our beliefs or our ideas, but because when we question their views with common sense, they realize how just stupid they are and they react. That reaction is to be defensive (which is natural) and that is when the vulgar language comes out. Let’s be real, that’s why liberals are so hateful because their ideas can’t stand up to common sense. Most liberals don’t possess Obama’s political spin ability to change the subject when they realize just how much they don’t know.

So let’s help Sarah Palin (and John McCain) by signing up for Team Sarah and giving support to them by strengthening their numbers – and in the process we help our voices to be heard, not just the liberal troll voices that lurk the dark alleyways of the internet. Let’s give the liberal trolls a long lasting nightmare that they will never forget and show them that WE are stronger, that WE are more intelligent and that WE are more determined. Most of all, that WE WILL NOT be pushed around nor back down from them.

…A gang of ugly trolls invaded Team Sarah last night, taking over the chatroom and spreading vulgar language and vile content.

Our small but gallant team fought them off during the wee hours, banning the worst offenders and temporarily closing down our Chat Room.

We thank and commend those of you who helped us fight back and reported the abuses so we could ban the offenders. You all rock!

Why did this happen last night? The final debate? Because we got our 5,000th member? Or maybe…

(con’t):…Team Sarah is now OVER 5,000 members strong — in under a month — with almost a third of a MILLION page views.

Our presence is intolerable to certain people. What the invaders want, of course is to offend and intimidate us and drive you away from here.

Boy, do they ever have Team Sarah members wrong!

We know that they are afraid that by election day Team Sarah could double in size — from over 5,000 to 10,000 –…

Team Sarah