Today, the Supreme Court sided with the Ohio Secretary of State (a liberal) to overturn the stay by the Sixth Circuit Court in the ruling that would have forced Ohio Sec. of State to turn over and validate voter registrations. Clearly, this was a poor decision in the ruling that shows nothing sacred in this country, not even the fundamental American right to vote, is important.

This was an attack on the American freedoms that we hold so true. With rulings like this, no longer will it be one person one vote if it continues. Soon, with the help of groups like ACORN and people like the Ohio Sec. of State, only registrations from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck will be the norm. Where there’s smoke, there’s usually a fire and with that thought, ACORN must be burning to the ground.

America – This is even more reason to redouble and refocus our efforts and ensure that McCain / Palin win this election. This being just one example, but we need to ensure that liberal judges, who like to pass laws from the bench and allow criminals to continue with their crimes, be stopped. If elected, more of these liberal judges are exactly the type of people that Obama will put on the bench.