Being an early riser, I often switch on the TV to catch Fox News or CNBC first thing in the morning. Usually the TV is tunes to channel 483 or whatever we were watching the night before, and early morning TV is a wasteland of 30-minute infomercials selling Rock Hard Abs! or No Money Down Real Estate! (My personal favorite is the seemingly ubiquitous Is Colon Detox Hype?, but that’s the subject of another diary on another blog. You’re welcome.)

This morning, however, instead of TMI! relative to John Wayne’s terminal blockage, there was an infomercial I hadn’t seen before: these kind folks are selling a book (“Not available in stores! As seen on TV!”) with the title The Green Millionaire, subtitled “A Practical Guide to Achieving Real Wealth While Helping to Save the Planet”. By following its easy steps, you can:

  • Learn how to keep your gas tank full for free.
  • Get big dollars to “green” your home, even if you rent.
  • Get your share of the billions that will go unclaimed in Government “green” money.

One of the “tips” they offered for free: You can save money while saving the planet by not buying bottled water! Who knew?! Of course, saving the environment is not without its risks.

Most people talk big about being “green”, but they feel they’ve done their part toward saving the planet if they let a hotel guilt trip them into using the towels twice.

Bottom line, this is just another “get rich quick” scheme a la Matthew Lesko, or even the Nigerian 419 scams, but with a green twist. Government money is not “free money”, no way, no how.