In the race to replace Charlie Melancon (D) in southeast Louisiana’s Third Congressional District, Jeff Landry (R) has opened a significant fundraising advantage over Hunt Downer (R). The 3rd District is the most expensive of the state’s seven districts in which to mount a congressional campaign, as it requires purchase of advertising time in the New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette media markets.

In other LA-03 developments, the Landry campaign received the endorsement of Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council Action PAC. “Jeff Landry’s commitment to life and fiscal responsibility is what this district needs. As a business attorney, police officer and founder of a small business, Jeff has a strong background that will allow him to stand up for the conservative principles that made this country great. His strength on life and family issues will be critical at a time when Representatives in Congress have caved to the special interests of the Left’s agenda.”

Jeff Landry holds 3rd Congressional District GOP primary fundraising lead

Through June 30, Landry had raised more than $441,000 in individual contributions, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. His total haul, including loans, is $495,144. Landry did not report receiving anything from political action committees. After spending $116,340 so far, Landry had $378,804 remaining.

[Former House Speaker Hunt] Downer’s second-quarter report was not yet posted to the FEC’s website as of Friday evening, but the campaign said in a statement that he had raised $274,500 in individual contributions.

Landry, Downer and Kristian Magar will meet in the GOP Primary Aug. 28. The Democratic challenger is Ravi Sangisetty of Houma. Note: Despite Mr. Sangisetty’s success in raising money, this is not the year to run as a Democrat in Louisiana, District 3 in particular.

The eventual GOP nominee will take on Democrat Ravi Sangisetty in the Nov. 2 general election. Sangisetty, a Houma attorney, is unopposed for the Democratic nomination, leaving him free to raise money while his Republican rivals tussle with each other.

Sangisetty topped the field with a $544,189 in receipts — $415,401 of that in individual contributions and $3,500 in PAC contributions. The rest came from loans and Sangisetty’s personal accounts. At more than $260,000, Sangisetty also spent more than his GOP counterparts. He reported an ending balance of $283,226.