Romney’s pick of Rep Paul Ryan has pleased most conservatives looking for ‘spine’, articuation of conservative principles and an election of consequence which, if we win, will be a mandate for the knds of consrevative reform we all believe in. However, some have raised a concern about the vacuum Paul Ryan will leave in the House. I too was wondering who would take the helm of the House budget committee should Ryan get promoted to Vice President, so I checked it out.

Fear not.  It turns out that Scott Garrett is the current vice-chairman of the House Budget committee. Scott Garrett took over his New Jersey House seat from the moderate Marge Roukema some years ago, and has since compiled the kind of conservative track record that makes him a “Club for Growth favorite”.

I thought Erick Erickson’s comment about Ryan improving the House and the Romney cmapaign simultaneously was a bit snarky, but many conservatives know that the Ryan budget is actually the center-right House GOP budget, and the more fiscally conservative budgets, out of Coburn, Rand Paul and the RSC (Republican Study Committee) do more to cut spending than the consensus-minded Ryan budget did. It is quite possible for  the House budget committee to be more conservative. Scott Garrett will be in the corner for conservatives on fiscal fights. We will learn more about him when the time comes, but for now, rest assured that the House budget committee will have a conservative leader should we retain the majority and Romney/Ryan takes the White House.