There are days in the primary when we felt “Yeah! We need Newt Gingrich in the ring during the fall campaign!” and there was a good reason for it. We saw how the liberal media would spin stories and mis-manage debates (somehow we foolishly let the liberal media run our primary debates), taking us AWAY from the big issues and towards side-shows.  Newt stood up and would have none of it.

Mitt Romney OTOH did not challenge the media so much when their narrative didn’t match his own. This approach is coming back to haunt the campaign, and the media is more biased now than ever.

When Romney says 9 smart things in a day, it goes down the memory hole. Then he says one goofy thing that day – AND THAT IS ALL THE MEDIA WILL TALK ABOUT! This is a ‘funhouse’ mirror type of bias – emphasize Romney’s negatives daily and you will get people knowing only the negative things about him.  We have leftists calling Romney a moron because he is too stupid to know that airplane windows dont roll down. The leftists says that because Romney said it in describing his wife’s unfortunate airplane accident where the cabin filled up with smoke. Except Romney was being sarcastic and was making a JOKE. So a joke by Romney is turned into “proof” of some level of idiocy that Romney doesnt have. Its mind-boggling in the simplistic and absurd deviation from reality.

But this whole Obama campaign is a deviation from reality. Strawman “war on woman” themes, slanders against Romney’s character (he’s a felon, liar, tax cheat, didnt pay taxes for 10 years, hates the poor, killed a woman, takes joy in outsourcing jobs and bankrupting companies), attacks on the Republicans hating the safety net, minorities and just being old white guys. If we had a media that was even close to being balanced, the Obama lies would be backfiring as the media would be telling people daily:

Here’s a lie Obama told today. He lied about Romney and didn’t back down on an already debunked allegations.

This media bias  makes it easier for Obama to evade the REAL issues, NOT YET RAISED LIKE IT SHOULD: Is 1.25% GDP growth, $1 trillion in deficits and 8% unemployment acceptable, and if not, why re-elect a President with unacceptable results?


The RedState Box Office Report

If there is a silver lining, it is the media’s reputation has gone way down this year. People are now noticing that polls are propaganda tools, not ‘news’, that Obama lies are NOT corrected in the mainstream media, but find the truth in other ways. And that in turn will catch up to Obama, one hopes before the November election:


Romney will be getting a lot of advice for his first debate. I hope he gets advice from Newt Gingrich on how to go “Newt-lear” on media bias, and point out that media sources often  are shielding us from the truth and not providing it. But Romney’s main target has to be Obama, so it’s up to the rest of us to both point out media bias and correct the record – so that, at long last, we can finally have the campaign and election be about the most important issue: WHO WILL FIX OUR BROKEN ECONOMY?