In response to another diary, I lamented the outcome of an Obama victory thusly:

An Obama victory will mean a fiscal cliff, his high tax increases will spark a double-dip recession in 2013, his policies will mean a lost decade of growth, a looming fiscal crisis as we suffer more downgrades and eventually bankruptcy, and my own children will have a serious reduction in their long-term prosperity … While this may be an extreme assessment all because of the outcome of this election, one only has to look at this facts:
– 8% reduction in household income in 4 years, and no plan by Obama to grow incomes
– $1 trillion deficits for past 4 years, highest ever, and no plan by Obama to get even close to balance, with $10 trillion more debt on the way in 10 years
– doubling of food stamp spending, trillions more in spending due to Obamacare, and Obama just plans more dependency for the future with no commensurate effort to increase self-reliance.

Both parties, but the Democrats in particular, are playing the dangerous game of pandering to their constituencies at the expense of what is  best for the nation, and favoring short-term gain over long-term pain.  The $16 trillion debt is just the monetary representation of that folly, which goes even deeper to the entitlement crisis, our culture and our whole economy.  We are headed off a cliff and an Obama victory means full steam ahead – Forward, over the cliff!

If Obama wins we will learn the lesson of how hiring a smooth-talking socialist to run your country can lead it to fiscal ruin in  short order. This victory for Democrats would be a toxic validation of massive pandering and economic failure. In Obama’s second term, the chickens will come home to roost as we become witness to this Obama-led immolation of this once-great nation. After all, as Thatcher famously said, the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.

The above lament over our jobs deficit and our fiscal deficit, these are sufficient enough to fire Obama and vote for Romney. And while the Romney/Ryan has a core message, there is a lot more reasons out there for replacing Obama with Romney.

So I’d like to post a challenge: What are your top 1, 3 or 10 reasons to fire Obama and vote for Romney? And what are the top facts and data points to bring to the table to make the case for Romney/Ryan? Is 8% unemployment a ‘killer’ reason or is it, ala Clinton, “well nobody could have done better”? What are the top Obama administration actions to point to say “these are fireable actions”?