Speaking of things people believe that arent true, that’s what the 2012 election is all about. To wit, Obama’s path to victory is by lying to the American people, and these four big lies are the four pillars of Obama’s campaign:

1. Passing the buck: Obama excuses his failures by blaming Republicans,e.g. $1 trillion deficits? Not mine, theirs, he says. Never mind the  $2 trillion in extra funding in his first 100 days –  Obama added S-CHIP, $800b Stimulus bill and a $500 billion FY09 discretionary funding add-on and TARP II – yet the Democrats claim that this FY09 spending, written by Democrats, passed and signed by Obama, is “Bush’s deficit”. Mind boggling.  Obama  blames Republicans for lack of action ‘if only they would pass my bills’ he says. But in fact, his agenda WAS passed (stimulus, stimulus II, Frank-Dodd, Obamacare), and didn’t work, and now Republicans in the House have a dozen jobs bills waiting on the doorstep of the Democrat Senate.

2. “Nobody could have done it better” – the ‘its such a big hole I couldn’t fill it’ excuse. Problem: we have the worst recovery since WWII, in
fact nobody could have done worse. Fewer jobs than when Obama was  elected, lowest growth rate of a ‘recovery’ worst record on deficits and debt addition EVER. Clinton is a good liar, and he sold a lemon selling the ‘nobody could have done better’ lie to America last month. In 1984, economic growth was 4 times faster than the 1.25% pace of Q2 2012. We forget how good the American economy can be when unleashed.

Consider just some of the economic statistics we are suffering under: 23 million unemployed; 43 straight months of 8+% unemployment; 45 million on food stamps; Black poverty at record highs; The middle class has lost 40% of its net worth under Obama; Black youth unemployment over 50%; Hispanic unemployment at 10.3%; worst job creation record since 1945 (BLS). Median household income $4,300 declines under Obama, while costs go up –  Food prices up 15% under Obama; Gas prices doubled under Obama; Average family health insurance up $1,500 under Obama.  Obama has added $6 trillion to our debt, more than all presidents combined, and presided over only US credit downgrade as ratings agencies see no credible plan to turn our deficits around.  Despite this river of money from the Government, or perhaps because or it, this Obama ‘recovery” is  the worst recovery in 75 years.  This horrendous record has led to more government dependency, with over 100 million people on some form of means tested welfare. Is it credible that this is as good as it gets?

3. Recycling broken promises. Obama broke major promises in 2008, like cut the deficit in half” oops. In 2012, he has nothing new, but is simply recycling the broken promises from 2008 – amnesty for illegal aliens remains a ‘dream’. Who falls for a  lying politician the SECOND time? Gullible voters or do they don’t care?

4. Smears against Romney. We have seen the litany, from Senator Reid’s phony “he didnt pay taxes for 10 year” (oh yes he did), to the false accusations of Romney’s middle class ‘tax hike’ – a fabrication:

“Romney actually proposes cutting income tax rates across the board for everyone by 20%. “

The only thing more shocking than this factoid is the fact that it is so poorly known. The reality is that Obama already passed a middle
class tax hike, in Obamacare, and wants more taxes, and Romney proposes a middle class tax rate reduction.

If Obama  gets away with selling the American people on the above 4 lies – he  wins. If Obama gets caught, debunked, outflanked, and his lies are  exposed, he loses.

We have already been hurt politically by our failure to challenge the dominant narratives that help Obama. For example, Republicans haven’t challenge the false “knowledge” that Bush is solely to blame for 2008 financial crisis. that and ‘deregulation’. Poppycock. Sure he shares blame, but so do Democrat majority leader Reid, Democrat Speaker Pelosi, Fannie and Freddie protecters Frank and Dodd, people who used and abused the CRA, like Obama when he sued banks to force them to lend to people who later wouldnt/couldnt pay it back. Not to mention govt regulations and the moral hazard of underwriting fannie and freddie cheap loans while the Fed blew bubbles of easy money. None of that was deregulation nor Bush, but because it’s an unchallenged meme a false narrative is now “knowledge”.

To those of us who are informed enough to see through Obama’s lies, it is frustrating to see him winning by convincing people of a pack of lies. Romney’s campaign has to pierce the Obama-media veil and show that, not only is the economy doing poorly, but also Obama’s
Obamacare and other policies have made it that way, and Romney has a better plan. The election may well be decided by how well and how much these four arguments hold up or are debunked.

If Obama wins, it will be via a mass delusion of millions of voters “knowing” something that isn’t true.

There is one more thing, though – where’s the (anti-Obamacare) outrage?