During 2010 and during the Republican primary, the number one concern and issue was repealing the signature ‘accomplishment’ of the Obama Presidency.

Perhaps the elephant in the room on Obamacare is the fact that Romney is our nominee. And yet that cannot be quite right as Romney was willing to point out the Medicare cost-shifting in Obamacare.   There is one big opportunity and the number one reason for people to not only be opposed to Obamacare, but vehemently motivated to fight for repeal:  Obama lied when he said that ‘you will get to keep the coverage you have’ .

Already HHS regulations are forcing millions of employees off prior plans, and more to come. CBO study estimates 3 to 5 million will be kicked off their plans by 2020, but that is the tip of the iceberg. Read more at

“One-third of businesses say they may drop insurance, causing families with good coverage today to lose it. McKinsey and Co. estimates that as many as 80 million people could lose the coverage they have now and be forced to get other policies that conform with ObamaCare rules. The Obama administration’s own estimates say that 51 to 80% of those with coverage could be forced to switch plans to comply with the law’s new mandates.”

The gutting of Medicare Advantage and the undermining of Health Savings Accounts is another area where people are losing coverage. But the Medicare cost shift is even more severe.Obamacare will drive doctors off Medicare:

Another way people lose coverage is by losing jobs. Taxes will drive businesses to cut jobs and cut benefits:

The end result that many liberals want is “Single Payer healthcare”. But consider what this means: Every single person in America on private insurance will lose the private insurance they enjoy today, and be forced into a system run by a central Government that lacks external accountability and  affords no choice. This is the last way that Obamacare will make millions of Americans lose the coverage they used to have. As insurance costs skyrocket and the system implodes, the clamor to ‘fix’ the system broken by Obamacare will be to just throw everyone on the Government system. Presto, single payer!

The end result of Obamacare is a poorer America with fewer jobs and worse healthcare. Obama’s broken promise SHOULD be a bigger issue than it is.