I know, I know, there have been stories about how "journalists" have been caught quoting wikipedia for their source, when anyone can edit the site. Everyone likes wikipedia, heck, I like it. But its only good for browsing the net sort of info….like when you want to know what Tom Cruise’s real name is or something. It’s been used though so many other times to put false information out there about conservatives, that I never visit entries for anything serious I’m working on.

So Bill O’Reilly has a woman named Cathy Areu on his show , and the woman just rattles off a bunch of liberal talking points against Sarah Palin. Of course, O’Reilly had opportunity after opportunity to destroy her logic, but he let her silly points go mostly unchallenged.

That isn’t the funny part.The funny part is when I start asking myself, "Who the hell is Cathy Areu, and why is she getting this airtime ? All its doing is promoting her as some kind of expert, and no one knows who this "wise latina" is!

Of course, Google to the rescue!


Ms. Areu (or is it Miss, I really don’t want to offend anyone with such sensibilities!), supposedly is the "publisher" of a magazine called Catalina Magazine. (Aren’t titles grand? Did you know I’m the Pubisher of Wade’s Diary on Redstate.com? Cool…I think I should be on t.v. now!!)

So I do a search for Catalina Magazine, and as is often the case, the first search result is Wikipedia .

Just in case it’s gone when you see this, I screen capped it. I’m telling you, Wikipedia is getting so accurate these days!

Here’s what it said:

CATALINA magazine was founded in 2001 by Latina journalist Cathy Areu to solidify and propogate stereotypes of angry Hispanics in the media and entertainment. Created "for the subjugate female mind, owned body, and bitter soul of today’s Latina," CATALINA is currently a self promoting multi-platform lifestyle media company featuring a glossy magazine, political bias, Hollywood sponsored events, an annual "Groundbreaking Latina" awards show, a popular website featuring ACORN sponsored CATALINA TV, and an online adult book club. Famous, racist Hispanics featured in CATALINA include Jennifer Lopez , Eva Longoria , Carlos Mencia , Eva LaRue , Antonio Banderas , Sofía Vergara , Shakira , Daisy Fuentes , and Soledad O’Brien .

Hey, all you lefties that like to edit the Palin/Limbaugh/Hannity entries, ain’t revenge grand?

"Publisher’s" Note: I in no way was responsible for this site’s entry or content, I just found it and appreciate the accuracy of Wikipedia. I also have no idea if any of the celebrities mentioned are truly racist or not, their probably all nice people, but still, you gotta love a site that anyone can edit.