A popular professor of environmental geology seems to be under attack by the University of Oklahoma because of his skepticism over global warming this month.

In October Dr. David Deming, a teacher for the U of OK for over a decade, was informed that his “general education” certification was being revoked for his class. This will result in many students passing over his class when they choose their classes in the future.

Deming says that he has a consistent record of outstanding student evaluations and has no idea why the university has decided to punish him like this unless it is because of his stance on global warming.

In 2006, Deming testified before the US Senate and said that media coverage of global warming had descended into “irrational hysteria.”

Deming is also a well known critique of the Malthusian theory, an environmental theory that claims that overpopulation will make resources scarce causing humanity to be reduced to a mere subsistence existence. Deming is also a member of several conservative groups and causes. None of this is something that will endear him to our increasingly oppressive universities in the US, to be sure.

In 2004 Deming also had a few run-ins with the U of OK, suing to stop the university from punishing him for his views then.

Deming says he does not know of another such case in the entire history of the U of OK.

Professor Deming is unaware of any other case in the history of the University of Oklahoma where the “gen ed” certification for a course has been revoked. It would appear possible that professor Deming’s position on global warming was a motivating factor. But in this case, the tragedy is that the people being punished are the students, not the professor. Those who wish to express their concern can do so by writing or calling University of Oklahoma President David Boren.

It certainly appears as if the U of OK could be punishing Deming for his political and scientific stances.

We will keep our eyes on this one.

If you would like to contact the president of the University of Oklahoma, he can be contacted at:

David Boren, President  University of Oklahoma  110 Evans Hall  Norman, OK 73019  telephone: 405-325-3916  email: dboren@ou.edu

President David Boren has announced that he is a staunch supporter of Barack Obama.

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