I don’t think ACORN needs an introduction. We’re also aware of dailykos, moveon, & the others of the lefto’sphere. I read recently (& cannot find the link, if someone finds it would you please post it) of 3 million left-wing activists ready to call Democrat legislators to push the Obama/Dem congressional agenda & drown out opposition.

We on the right were very successful when the amnesty bill came up. We need to have processes in place to counter this. We have Redstate, The Next Right, I recently came across Rebuild the Party, as well as numerous blogs. Redstate’s alerts are great, & something that I think should be promoted to others who may not regularly visit.

Do we have too many entities trying to do the same thing? Or is it better to have a larger number of entities working toward more or less the same goal?

We need, imho, to be able to counter the activism of the left – & especially have the tools in place if the Obama administration & Democrat congress begin making Biden’s predicted “unpopular decisions.” Please reply with your thoughts.

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