The Catholic church has always been very clear on its abortion stance: it’s completely evil. That has always been it’s position, and it will always be it’s position. However, it’s message is being undermined by perverse politicians who claim to be “ardent, practicing” Catholics while actively aiding NARAL and the extreme left in it’s ongoing destruction of innocent lives. Frankly, the Catholic church has let this sort of behavior from such “Catholic” politicians go on far too long. *At worst, these politicians know they will just get refused communion or publicly told they are wrong, so the masquerade continues. **They need to be thrown out of the church if they choose to continue this. *That’s how Bishop Bruskewitz handled this glaring problem in Nebraska. He gave parishioners who supported organizations like Planned Parenthood the choice to either leave the church or leave the organizations. Some left and chose to continue to support causes the church is against, and some quietly returned to their faith. Whatever such parishioners choose to do in that situation is fine by me, but their oil-and-water positions can’t be tolerated.

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi both hold prominent roles in the Democratic Party and our nation’s politics. They both claim to be Catholic, and they both are extremely pro-choice. They both have been publicly touting their Catholic faith to try to garner votes from Catholics for Obama, a slick politician who voted for infanticide in the cases of botched abortions in Illinois (and then tried to deny it, evidence be damned). In other words, Biden and Pelosi are USING the church to further a cause that the church is COMPLETELY AGAINST.

I am a lifelong Catholic, but the Church’s passiveness towards the Bidens of the world bothers me. Too often it is content to take the United Nations approach, issuing edicts denouncing something but giving up when they are promptly ignored. It ought to consider being a little more forceful before Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid take over and let NARAL snuff out every abortion restriction there is (they call it the “Freedom of Choice Act”).