Heading into the 2020 election the Democrats have already signalled that the Mueller investigation will be an epic disappointment for the derranged Russian collusion conspiracy theorists, and have instead decided they will pursue countless investigations in the House in an attempt to find a crime with which to impeach the President. Even with Nancy Pelosi stating she will not pursue impeachment, this is more a signal of the little control Pelosi has over her party, rather than a relief for a country beleaguered by needless investigations. The GOP has the opportunity to show themselves as a party against corruption and for justice if they have the fortitude to do what’s right.

As much as many rolled their eyes at the chant “lock her up” there is a very real feeling in America that there are two different kinds of justice, the kind faced by politicians, and the kind for everyone else. Hillary Clinton is corrupt, she broke the law, and a failure to pursue justice to the full extent is a sign that the GOP supports a two-tiered justice system.

The DoJ, FBI, and intelligence community spied on U.S. citizens for political reasons. The FBI using political research as evidence, none of which was verified, to use intelligence assets to spy on the political opponent of the Democrat party. Why should any regular American, especially after Conservative groups were targeted by the IRS (which no charges happened), beleive that we wouldn’t be subjected to targeting for political reasons? Why should we assume that Democrats wont use these very same tactics against anyone who gets in their way in the future if nothing is done to punish them now?

Adam Schiff (D-CA) met with Glen Simpson, a founder of Fusion GPS, the firm which collected opposition research for Clinton and then shopped it to the media and friendly politicians to turn it into an investigation, during an ongoing House investigation, and met with Michael Cohen for 10 hours prior to his testimony to Congress. If Trump did any of these things he would be facing impeachment right now. It is painfully obvious the Democrats are tampering with these investigations and doing nothing about it is a slap in the face of any American.

This isn’t a “look how hypocritical, if it were a Republican then…” type of post. This is a demand that the GOP address that double standard directly and visciously. A lack of action on punishing those who have politicized our justice department and intelligence agencies, made a joke out of Congressional oversight, and have used innuendo to destroy faith in the United States among it’s citizens is the surest sign that the GOP is not a party who stands for the Constitution nor the rule of law.

I invite any representative from the GOP to be interviewed and guarentee to the American people that they will fight to restore order and justice to our government, but until I see a definite plan, and action, I see no reason to assume the GOP is any better than the Democrats. I don’t take any pleasure in reminding everyone that one of the major players in this entire usurpation of justice and decency in Presidential politics was the 2008 GOP nominee for President, John McCain.

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