In the newest attempt by the Left to grease the wheels for ridiculous environmental policy like the green new deal, USA Today published an article discussing the “racial gap” in air pollution. This is nothing more than the standard leftist emotional appeal to force their environmental radicalism using guilt and by parading cultural marxism as a science as a means to seize production in the United States. The article claims that though whites are more responsible for pollution, minorities are more effected by it’s health risks, but let’s actually think about that data for a second.

The study focuses on pollution caused by “non-Hispanic whites” which happens to be 60% of the population, and how that majority of the population creates more pollution, in other words, more people have a larger effect than less people, yes, this is science according to the Left. This is how the Left will attempt to cede control of everything under the guise of equity, the claim being that because whites consume more they are more responsible for pollution, and since Hispanic and Black minorities live in urban areas which have far higher air pollution it must be white people’s fault. Even in the study the author admits that pollution has been greatly reduced, but they need to focus on the “racial inequity”, which is their pseudo-intellectual way of saying “we are actually reducing pollution, but I want radical policy changes so I’m going to make it racist”.

The rhetoric on environmental issues from the Left is as astounding as it is dishonest, the easiest way to note it’s dishonesty is when you hear the statements about how close we are to the brink of no return with global warming, like when AOC claimed we only had 12 years to live, yet they don’t address that China is the worlds leader in green house gas emissions and shows no signs of reducing their carbon output. According to the Left global warming is a crisis that will destroy the world, yet none of their legislation discusses how they plan on stopping the largest contributor to this looming threat, or in other words, it never was about climate change. How people can buy a talking point that the world is literally going to end, but the Left only seems to be concerned about creating socialist programs in the United States to combat the coming apocalypse and doesn’t even speak about stopping countries like China and India from pushing us over this supposed brink, is beyond me.

To round this out completely, I will remind you that the Left is now claiming that whites are responsible for pollution and it’s hurting brown people, they claim that this is science but it’s just as dumb as saying whites eat more bread, whites drive more cars, whites own more homes and making that a reason why the whites are somehow racist solely based on the fact that they are the majority. The only solution I can seem to find them suggesting is that whites need to stop being the majority and this will solve the problem.

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