I am still here reading articles. My job has become far more demanding than I ever imagined. I have been promoted to one of the senior people in my company and not a day goes by I am not in a meeting with the CEO. I only state that because I never imagined I would ever have a position like this, but that is part of why I am writing this post. I have seen things from the top down for the first time in my life, and being on a lower wrung is till fresh in my mind. That knowledge is what is giving me the idea for this post.

In 1994 Newt Gingrich and the Republicans ran on the Contract with America. It was simple and concise. It was easy to explain and an idea people loved. So, what can be done in a similar fashion that will really strike home with the American voters that will do the same thing in this election cycle?

It’s simple really. We have been telling voters how big the national debt is, and that is really starting to hit home. Now the next logical progression of that idea is to start telling them how much interest we have to pay on that debt. They currently have no idea and I think the number would shock them and put the icing on the cake.

How much interest are we paying? So far to date, this year alone, it is 224,5 Billion


Debt and debt payments, American understand, but once you show them how much you are really paying, that grabs their attention. That can be easily used to highlight the impossibility of paying it back and why it must be stopped. Then campaign on stopping the spending and cutting it – dramatically. The American voter will understand why it needs to be done, and Obama and the Dems can’t say we are starving the children with the cuts, because we will be entering office with the mission assigned by the voters.

That is what needs to be the central theme for Conservatives in my opinion. I know establishment Republicans won’t do it, they like spending too much.

That is my idea, take it for what it is worth.