In the over 5 years, probably more like over 6 years that I have been here I have seen some major upheavals. (I still remember reading the post announcing Erick as the Editor of the Site!)

The mass banning of a group of people a little while back was the most dramatic I have seen. The many revisions of the page have caused a lot of heartburn and drama as well. A lot of people have left for various reasons because of those changes and events. I have found some people don’t do change well. This instance is no different.

Since I make my living in the world of technology, ‘change’ is a way of living to me, so I am more willing to accept it. The one thing I have learned is that even when a bad code release happens, fixes do come, though mostly too slow for the tastes of the users, but the fixes are accomplished in time. This instance will be no different.

I think the main thing to take away from all this is that patience really is a virtue. These problems will be resolved one way or another. Just hang in there everyone. Though I am not involved behind the scenes, nor do I actually have a clue to what is actually happening beyond what I read on this site just as you do but I do know how the process works. The good news is that the development process does work.

Red State and those of us with patience to persevere through the pain will make it through this just fine. The best thing any one of us can do is to provide ‘CONSTRUCTIVE’ feedback to the site management so as to be helpful and not destructive.

In the end, the fate of our nation is a little bit more important than a few hurt feelings. (I say that in the nicest way possible – seriously) Besides, as I see it, the liberals have a tendency to appeal to feelings and conservatives use logic. So, lets be conservatives in how we deal with this mess and use some logic. We have an election that we need to help our cause win. Taking our ball and going home (insert the bunny on a ball picture here) is not a good way of being helpful.

So, I am pleading for constructive criticism and patience.We’ll get through this.

This is my two cents on the matter.