As many of you know, I have decided to sit out this election. No need to go into the details now but c17wife has written a post or two trying to convince me that this election is too important and that I should vote.

Well, she found a perhaps unlikely ally in her quest to convince me to vote this year.I have a very, very good friend who still lives in Chicago. He is also Black, a staunch liberal Democrat and an ardent Obama supporter. Of course, he knows I am a conservative Republican (and that I do not like or agree with Barack Obama) and we have argued incessantly about politics ever since I “converted” to conservatism almost twenty years ago now. And obviously, we talked about this year’s presidential election.

The funny thing is, when I told him that I was not planning to vote (at least for President) this year, he was shocked and outraged. He argued that it was my duty to vote. But what really made me smile was when he said:

“Our votes may cancel each other out but you have to vote!”

I confess, that did make me smile. He knows that, if I voted, I would be voting exactly the opposite of him and yet he still insists that I must vote.

And for some odd reason, it did make me think of c17wife.

Well, c17wife, whatever else and whatever I ultimately decide to do, know that you have a Black liberal Democrat from Chicago as an ally. I hope neither one of you is too upset about that.