Today I recieved an email from RNC Chairman Mike Duncan encouraging me to reflect on why I am a Republican and to share my input. In order to do so they have put up a site called Republican for a Reason. I encourage all of us to participate on this site.

The site allows you to post 2000 character text posts on a variety of topics. Also it allows you to upload video post, for those of you with pretty faces…;^). Additionally users can rate posts on a scale of 1-5 stars. This, to me is the most important part of the site. This is an opportunity for conservatives to create a grassroots groundswell that cannot be ignored.

Already the site has some comments condemning evangelicals and conservatives in general, but there is hope as most of the 5 star comments appear to be in favor of conservatism.

So I am hoping that you will all take a gander, make your voice heard and give out some stars to the conservative posts. After all if we don’t take this opportunity to speak out now, we may be silenced for a long time to come.

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