Ok RedStaters, mark your calendars for Jan 5th 2009 at 1 PM Est.  Americans for Tax Reform will be hosting The RNC Chairman’s Candidate Debate live.  They will also be taking questions, which you can submit on the day of the debate.   There will also be a twitterfeed for the debate so those on twitter can follow (sorry don’t have a link for that yet).

I encourage all to participate and make your voice heard.  Most of us don’t get to vote on the RNC Chair, but at least we can voice our discontent with the current RNC Chair and urge the others to chart a new path that will reflect where we want to party to go.  Whether you are a moderate who wants to expand the tent or a conservative who wants to return to first principles, this is your chance to let the candidates know and get their responses on record.

I hope you all take part.

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