I honestly don’t know where to begin with this diary…so I suppose I will just begin at the beginning.

 Some 200 plus years ago our forefathers took it upon themselves to set about to create a new nation.  A nation of free men.  A nation that governed from the bottom up rather than a nation that ruled from the top down.  
Upon declaring their indepence from the tyranny and totalitarian rule of King George they fought on the battlefields and in the debating halls.  They came up with a system of government which derived it’s power from the people.  They took caution to ensure that the powers of the government would be separated not only in the three branches of the Federal Government but also between the Federal Government and the State Governments which comprised the whole.  
It seems as though immediately after codifying these rules of government, which were meant to establish liberty and freedom for all, some began to usurp those same rules.  

Although the names of these groups has changed over the years the political philosophies have held steady in their basic nature, power belongs to me and not to thee. Today these ideals are held primarily by the Democratic party and, to a marginally lesser extent, by those whom we refer to as Rinos, or big government Republicans.

Today it seems as though we really only have one monolithic goverment with various aparati beneath that claim to be soveriegn governments of the States.  This may seem like a rather pessimistic view of our current situation, but I will provide a few examples of what I mean, so as not to come off as a melodramatic.

First, I will bring up Education in America.  Education, to me, is area of government that is best left to those who are closest to it and affected the most by it.  I was reading today an article about the coming budget battle that will take place in the Vermont Legislature. Gov. Jim Douglas, in his inaugural speech, chose to single out Education Reform as one of the many ways to wrangle in the budget shortfalls that Vermont will be facing. The article was good but it made me realize that there was really not a whole lot that the state on it’s own could do, at least without causing more trouble down the road. Here is a small excerpt from the the article:

We can’t ignore the fact that from FY 2006 through FY 2010 there has been a 23 percent increase in what we spend for our K-12 school system – yet we are educating 4,300 fewer students. We can’t ignore the fact that in the past decade we have added 3,500 positions to our schools, yet we are educating 10,000 fewer students. As the governor pointed out, for every three students we lose, we add a staff position, which, obviously, is an unsustainable trend.

Why is this happening? To a large extent, it’s the result of federal and state mandates. Unfunded mandates. School boards are not hiring additional people because they want the challenge of getting their budgets passed. They hire because they are being told to hire to fill a need.

Now, I am new to Vermont, so I can’t really argue for or against the need for these new positions. Although, I direct your attention to the bolded text. The Federal Government has taken upon itself a wholly unconstitutional ability to mandate to a State, and further the local community, how many positions should be created and thus filled and funded. The Democrat or Rino would read this and see a responsibility for the Federal Government to provide funding for this mandate. Well, needless to say, I am no Rino, and certainly no God forsaken Democrat.


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The problem to me is obvious, we need to get rid of the Federal mandate. The only question that remains is how the hell are we gonna do that? Honestly, I don’t know and this was my catalyst for writing this diary.

Before I get too far let me offer up another example of the usurpation of which I speak. Equal Opportunity Employment and Affirmative Action. I am neither a bigot nor a racist, but I have no love for a policy instituted by the Federal Government, and mandated for implementation at all levels of both the private and public sector. Now, I am not going to even attempt to provide links to data sets or give anecdotal evidence that these policies are harmful to the Republic and by most interpertations go far beyond the Constitutional limits on the Federal Government, to me they are, well lets just say “self evident”.

Again, I am drawn back to the question, how the hell are we gonna do it? Again, I don’t know.

The only plausible answer to me is that it will take the majority of Americans becoming so entrenched in the misery of totalitarian government that they finally wake up and say “NO MORE!!!”

The saying goes that, “all politics is local”, this is true in that grassroots are needed to secure any political power.  I applaud Erick Erickson for creating The RedState StrikeForce of which I am a proud member. But, I am coming to the conclusion that we must be prepared to take our local issues and make them national. We must be willing to band together a coalition of pissed off conservatives, federalists, and libertarians to march to the steps of Congress, pitchfork and torches in hand, in order to change the landscape at the top in the hopes of returning to a Federal Government properly limited to the confines set forth in the plain reading of the Constitution, emanations and penumbras not withstanding.

A cultural, political, and philosophical insurrection is what it took to drag us to this point, maybe that is the only way to get back.

I hope that it doesn’t come to violence in the streets before our collective voices will be heard, but I fear that it may be too late.

If I have crossed the line in any way in what I wrote above feel free to replace it with a cute video of a cat jumping headlong into a mirror, it will pretty much convey the same feelings I am having about our current situation.