Earlier today I got a text informing me of Marco Rubio’s stellar fundraising last quarter. The Rubio campaign managed to pull in $3.6 Million, which, as the Palm Beach Post notes, is a huge amount.

a huge amount: it doubles his collections from the fourth quarter of 2009, surpasses the $2 million his U.S. Senate rival, Gov. Charlie Crist collected in the final months of last year and and should well exceed Crist’s 2010 total so far.

This level of fundraising is a direct reflection of the majority support that Rubio has managed to garner. In the latest polls Rubio is far ahead of the once popular Gov. Crist, Rubio is leading 56% to Crist’s 34%. As well Rubio leads Meeks in the general election polls. All of this with Rudy Giuliani having now endorsed Marco Rubio.

I can see why people like Arianna Huffington are scared. (h/t to Frank J. at IMAO)

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The idea of Marco Rubio becoming a Senator and allying with Jim DeMint sends shivers down the spines of characters like Miss Huffington. In fear they lash out in an uncontrolled moment of projection in order to destroy their opponent.

This time Joe and Rudy were there to call her on it.

Next year, it will be Sen. Marco Rubio on the floor of the Senate.

Let’s get Marco off to a good start for this quarter.

Aaron B. Gardner

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