At last David Frum has come to the conclusion that he is the one who has left the Republican Party and not the other way around

H/t to Legal Insurrection for alerting us to David Frum’s latest article which is, as usual, loaded with nonsense. For a change though, I along with many conservatives have applauded the resolution he’s reached, announcing that “It’s Romney, Huntsman, Or Bust. ”

As Mark Levin has offered via twitter, Frum can not only leave the party but take it a step further and leave the country as well!

Frum’s “threats” to abandon the Republican Party is a far cry from an article he’s written just a couple of weeks ago where he had lambasted conservatives who criticize Romney’s endless flip-flopping as the ones truly guilty of flip-flopping, explaining that the Party had flip-flopped on its ideology thus leaving Romney with only one choice: to flip-flop along with it.

His original reasoning was so false and twisted as I’ve explained in this previous post, that I was shocked to see him admit in this week’s article that Romney’s positions are indeed unknown. Frum though explained that he doesn’t see it as a substantial negative, and made certain not to mention Romney’s flip-flops as the cause for the uncertainty.

Yet it’s also true that Romney has reversed so many of his positions so abruptly that voting for him is like taking a random walk. We can be sure that a Romney White House will be well-run. But what will it do? That’s anybody’s guess.

Unlike Frum, most conservatives are seeking to support someone whose policies are clear-cut and whose positions are well-known.

Obama’s White House is extremely well run. Democrats have attempted to pass Health Care reform for close to a decade, and the passage of Obamacare resulted from Obama’s tenacity to accomplish his goal no matter what.

Is that reason enough to vote for him?

I can’t wait for the 2012 primary results if only for the possibility to wave goodbye once and for all to the phony fraudster, David Frum.

Farewell! You won’t be missed!


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