First, let me make clear that this post has nothing to do with who should be the nominee. Newt Gingrich is now the clear front-runner for the nomination.  There are several aspects that led to his rise (including the downfall of Cain and the limited alternatives), but the main reason is his focus on our main opponent in 2012 (and it’s not Barack Obama).  That opponent is the media.   Obama’s election in 2008 would not have been possible without the help of his media enablers, nor will his re-election in 2012.  The American people would never have voted for Obama if they truly understood his beliefs and associations.  Newt’s attacks on the media are not just beneficial for his poll numbers, but they also serve as an education tool for other Republicans.  These counter-attacks expose the media as biased advocates and not the impartial observers that they pretend to be.

Republican candidates should start challenging the premise of the questions that the biased media asks them.  That does not mean that candidates should avoid policy or questions, but they should be able to expose bias when they face it. Feel free to go on MSNBC, but ask Rachel Maddow why she thinks her job is to cover for failing president while he is golfing?  Ask Chris Matthews why he cares more about keeping Obama in office than the millions of Americans that will remain unemployed as a result?  When reporters ask questions about deficits based on tax cuts, ask them why they are using the economically ignorant premise that tax cuts lead to less revenues? When reporters ask questions associating income inequality and higher taxes on the rich, ask them how the two are even related?  When reporters ask why Republican’s don’t support the president’s jobs plans, ask them why won’t they ask the president why he ignores the 27 Republican job bills passed by the House?

The Republican candidate, whoever they are, needs to understand that the media is not their friend.  We are challenging THEIR guy.  They helped elect Obama, the voted for him, and they covered for him.  They aren’t just going to let him go down without a fight.  The media will try to paint the Republicans as extreme, uncompromising and stupid, so the best solution is to discredit them.  If the public realizes that they cannot trust the media’s perspective, it will surely doom this failing president to a single term in office.



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