I agree.  I agree with pretty much everything written on RedState about last night.  Mark Rubio nailed it.  Governor Romney nailed it.  And even Clint Eastwood got people talking and watching and, in his own way, nailed it.  Oh, and Paul Ryan nailed it the night before.  RedState is a happy place today.  And I agree.

This is what we wanted.  This is what we needed.

Until last night, I wondered if Romney and the current crop atop the GOP actually had it in them to run a good campaign.  I thought that, perhaps, we might lose because they just weren’t any good at running for office.  The truth of our message would, once again, be obfuscated by GOP political malpractice.

No more.  The money is there.  The message is there.  The . . . there is there.  We have two good candidates with good surrogates running a well-funded campaign.

Indeed, if we don’t win this election, then I have serious doubts about the viability of the GOP and the direction of this country.  If Obama manages to win–now that we have the money advantage and the message advantage and the out-party-during-an-economic-downturn advantage (all of which he used against us in 2008)–that will be horrible.

Not horrible for all the obvious reasons (the next four years will stink).  But horrible for another reason.  Horrible because we will be in a lot of trouble.  Because I don’t see things better set-up for a GOP win than in 2012.   Which means that we probably will win.  And do so easily.

But it also means that the stakes are higher than they have been since 1980.  Because if we don’t win, then we will have demonstrated an inability to convince enough people to support our ideas to win a national election.  And that’s a rot that goes a lot deeper than any of us would want to admit.  The GOP will need to consider SERIOUS (i.e. not cosmetic) root-and-branch changes in such an unlikely event.

So, we NEED to win, right?  This was a great convention.  And it just upped the stakes by an order of magnitude.