A friend and I were discussing Israel and Iran tonight.  It went something like this:

Friend:  “What could Israel do to stop Iran’s nuclear program without the same Israeli body count an airstrike is going to produce?”

Me:  {after great and careful consideration} “I don’t know”

Friend:  “What if instead of a strike on the nuclear facility, they’re planning a strike on the political AND religious leadership of Iran?”

Me:  “Wow, no one would expect that.”

Friend: “What if they have teams in place in Iran already waiting on a code word to take out Ahmadinejad, the religious council including Khamenei, and the rest of the senior political leadership?”

I have no idea what the Israeli’s are really up too.  However, if Israel has a way to shut down Iran’s nuclear program and surprise everyone in the world at the same time, I think they’ll do it.  Everyone is talking about when their going to launch a strike against Iran.  If the Israeli’s want the element of surprise, I bet they’re looking for a way to do it without a direct air assault.