Senator Rand Paul worked closely with Ambassador Weiser during the creation of Right to Work as well as working on other ventures in the past. The Senator had nothing but marvelous compliments to Ambassador Weiser, whether it is the “personal energy” that Ron puts into everything he does or his phenomenal successes as chair of the Michigan GOP. Senator Rand Paul knows two things about Ambassador Weiser;

“Ron will give it his all, and he will succeed.” – Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul believes in Ambassador Ron Weiser. In such a critical juncture in American politics it is important to have conservative leadership in our schools. As University of Michigan Regent Ron will give it his all, and he will succeed.

In addition to support from Senator Rand Paul, all 18 of Michigan’s conservative senators who voted against Medicaid expansion have voiced support for Ambassador Weiser for U of M Regent. Another supporter of Ambassador Weiser is Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Senator Cruz who supports the Right to Work legislation has praised Ambassador Weiser’s efforts in helping to pass Right to Work in Michigan.


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