America, you have a voice, but you’ve allowed your ears and eyes to be the only “voice” during this Presidential Elections. Families, grandparents and concerned citizens were once ‘the voice of America” and now they’ve been blindsided by an “Obama God.”

If you were told, your son or daughter was running with a gang involved in drugs, your first reaction would be denial. But, then after taking a deep breath, you realize your child has been hanging out with a tough crowd and his or her choice of friends are truly questionable.

Next, your child is picked up by authorities telling you they did a drug bust and although no drugs were found on your child – he or she was in the vehicle and seen entering the crack house.

So you search the child’s room, find diaries, books and letters with the drug lords name, address and telephone number and thousands of dollars hid in an ole shoe box – next you check the computer email and find that your child is actually connected to a gang who’s reputation includes possible murder, rape and other heinous crimes.

So now parents, you have the evidence what would you do about this situation, you have the evidence, you’ ve heard the police report and you’ve read the letters, emails and disgusting communication between your child and the gang members – it’s your call.

Would you shut your eyes and stay in a state of denial or would you open your eyes, listen and take time to find out the “real truth” before making a final decision.

Well, here we are in 2008 and many are letting the liberal news media , Obama and his camp sell you a pack of lies. Why are you content to believe others without validating the information? Is it too much work to get online and go to the Illinois Senate, the US government, and do a complete background check on this man they call “Obama.”

Some of America just sits back and says, “We’ll stick with the Obama God, even if he is wrong and endangering our families and children.” “We don’t care who he really is – we just like is style, his eloquent speeches, his money and most of all his “God Like” presence.

So for those who are happy sleeping with the pigs and mucking around with the gophers, go for it, but remember that “What goes around, comes around” and your children and children’s children will be the ones to clean up the mess created by this man and his radical followers.

If you were not content to just wallow around in the media propaganda along with listening to the trashy Obama ads, you would be doing your homework, reading books and learning the ”real truth.”

The two men running for president are totally opposites – one is a leader and the other a programmed robot owned by Acorn, the Weathermen, Unions, Special Interest Groups and the extreme radicals.

One knows how to protect our country from the terrorists, dictators and bad guys. The other just wants to sit down and have a tea party with those who threaten our freedom and our Nation.

One is against further taxation – the other spouts off about 95% of Americans receiving a tax break – never telling you that over 40% of our population doesn’t even pay taxes at this time. So the 95% is just another stinking piece of propaganda.

One wants to stand toe to toe with our government, cut out the “piggy bank,” remove government programs that are stealing our tax dollars and he knows how to create jobs by eliminating our dependence on foreign countries for fuel. This man knows that one more jab against the investors, small business and the middleclass in America will ultimately create a “depression.”

The other is hallucinating and promising a “world class education,” a solution to our health insurance problem and a promise to spread the wealth. The only way all of these things are possible is simply by digging into your pockets and taking your hard-earned money. Spreading the wealth doesn’t pay for all the trillions Obama wants to spend – it just places one more hardship on Americans.

Don’t forget the Obama God has every intention of putting your kids and your college kids to work – in other words, the government will replace Democracy for a Dictatorship. What’s that about secret ballots and infanticide?

There are a few people who could assist us on the quest for truth – Hillary & Bill Clinton, CNN and other liberal news media along with 93 other young Democratic leaders that are still wet behind the ears.

All of these people could step forward and make a stand for their country – for their children and for our Nation. Hopefully some of these people can put “politics” on hold and replace it with the truth – our country is confused, angry and agitated and we deserve the “whole truth.”

Bill & Hillary are afraid to ruffle the feathers of the Democratic camp, because Hilllary is itching for the Presidential nomination in 2012. Hillary knows more about Obama, then his grandmother, his wife Michelle or his hair dresser does, because she has been exposed to his illegal shannanigans.

CNN and their buds could expose this President Elect by telling the whole truth and returning to the basics of good journalism. CNN has a few great men who are on the verge of making the right move before November 4th.

Hey guys, we’re not asking for lies or editied and re-edited news for our listening pleasure – we’re talking about things like truth, honesty, character and reputation.

The 93 young Democrats may just surprise all of us, because they’re not comfortable with the Democratic party at this time. Hopefully, they’ll step forward and place their country first!

May “God Bless Each and Everyone.” Catch you @

As Always, Annie