Today was a day for reading extremely negative comments about the Tea Party Rally in Boston.   75% of the comments on an article by the Washington Post were derogatory comments inferring that the tea parties attendees are rather dumb, poor and on the verge of stupidity. 

What I discovered after reading this review is scary and disheartening.  Those bloggers commenting throw one smoke screen up after another with absolutely no statistics or facts to reinforce their thoughts.  The comments appear to be from youngsters who thrive on “Change” any change and that is where it begins to get scary.

What are these people thinking, who are they and why are they wasting their time blogging at all? They’re not, factual or even capable of expressing themselves so one might understand them!  But, the fact remains this is the mindsets of many of Americans and we must only look to our own backyard to discover why they’re so angry and confused.

With all the problems America has at this time; we’d best discover how these people turned on their Nation and why.   It’s apparent that there is a large faction of disgruntled youngsters out there, who have lost their way; that again could be a parental issue. 

Here is but one of the comments made about Sarah Palin; it doesn’t make sense, but it shows that this person has bought into the Palin bashing without rhyme or reason.  Too bad, they can’t sit down with Sarah and find out who she really is; she has strong shoulders and can answer their questions in a very professional lady like manor. 

Someone needs to address this group of people who have lost their way and are not especially on the road to Socialism, more like on the “Road To Self Destruction.”

Comment on Washington Post April 14th

I swear if you asked Sarah Palin to define the word Socialism all you would get in return is a blank stare. This woman is dumber than a bag of nails and now she is discussing Obama’s nuclear proliferation strategy? Seriously. This woman is so uneducated she still pronounces the word …””, instead of nu.clear. If Palin were asked to define the word I have no doubt the response would be the same…a blank stare. Between Palin and Bachmann, they’re both a few McNugggets short of a Happy Meal. Amazing.  Palin Rallies Boston Tea Party Washington Post – By GLEN JOHNSON  The Associated Press 

This is an angry commentator, who is lashing out in an attempt to receive attention, this person hasn’t done their homework; they’ve just jumped on the Obama Bandwagon looking for that illusive “Change.”  This is sad, but never the less gives us an insight into those who may vote in 2010 and again in 2012. 

This is a lesson for all – that we shouldn’t speak or ever point a finger if we don’t know both sides of the story.  What we do know at this time, no budget, no jobs, no transparency, taxes will be raised for all,  earmarks out of control and our government