Dear Governor Christie,

I am an avid supporter of the Republican Party and a leading member of the local Republican Club in East Greenwich Township located in Gloucester County.  Our club
has made leaps and bounds this past year in creating a strong web site and in succeeding to get a Republican elected to our local township committee, where he will be
out numbered 4 to 1 until November 2010 where we hope to gain a few more seats back.

I am writing you this letter however, not to ask you for your support in local matters, although that would be greatly appreciated and much needed, but rather to implore
you and your attorney general to investigate the constitutionality of the current legislation that is being rammed through at the federal level as well as the ethics of certain
NJ senators being leading members of race related groups who attempt to segregate the population into groups based on their race and then attempt to lobby for that group
over another segment of the population.

This is a fascistic practice, favoring one race over another and attempting to fleece the American people of their wealth and resources in order to support a political
agenda, rather than treating all members of society as equals as a public official ought to treat their constituents and as the federal government ought to treat the
individual states.

Hypothetically if there were Senators that were members of the KKK, in this day and age, they would be out right ostracized and politically ruined if not jailed, however,
it is ok for a senate member to be a leader of “La Raza” which, as I am sure you know, stands for “The Race”; a group in which holds the western territories of the United States
as unofficial Mexican territory, and lobby endlessly for subverting the traditional aspects of American society by forcing the Spanish language on an English speaking country
and lobby for illegal immigrants to be treated the same if not better than the legal tax paying residents of this great country. La Raza holds Mexico as the mother country
and not the United States thereby subverting the interests of the American people for that of the Mexican people.  One can imagine the damage that can be done to our state
and nation not to mention our society if we allow our representatives to hold these views with out political and legal reprisal.  If that is not fascistic and treasonous then I must
have missed something in my education.

Both our N.J. Senators and our run away federal government’s arrogance have left we the people of New Jersey and the United States holding the bag for their recklessness
for years to come, but we can at least fight back.

When elected representatives who hold radical far left stances are in charge of legislating in the senate what we get is a whole slue of unconstitutional resolutions.
Resolutions such as mandating all Americans buy a product against their will and to supplement those who have no claim on American society because they are not tax
paying citizens as well using public funds for politically controversial issues such as abortion.  Taxing certain states to supplement other states (see Ben Nelson and Nebraska)
and including resolutions that make the current legislation un-amendable and unchangeable by future congresses and future representatives thereby binding future
generations to this radical legislators’ political agenda.

The unconstitutionality of what is taking place at the federal level is tantamount to robbery of the American tax payer in order to line the pockets of the far left’s political supporters.

I am simply asking you as your constituent who has voted for you to make a political statement by joining with the other states that are investigating the constitutionality
of the current health care legislation in relation to the violation of the commerce clause which mandates that the federal government has dominion over economic activity
that takes place across state lines however treats all the states as equals regarding policy.  Simply ask yourself how much more will New Jerseyans have to pay for their Medicare
taxes in order to supplement Nebraska’s sweetheart Medicare deal?  Rob Peter to pay Paul is the popular ideology in the Democratic majorities in order to bribe representatives
to vote for bad legislation.  If the legislation is so good why must senators be coerced into voting for it?  Something stinks to high heaven here and it would be a major
statement if a traditionally politically left state of New Jersey were to turn the corner and join the ranks of the brave representatives speaking out against this health care debacle.

Please consider taking careful and diligent action to protect the rights of your constituents.


NJ Tax Payers

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