Our fore father’s must be turning in their graves at the monstrosity that is taking place under the watch of President Barack Hussein Obama whom seems to regard the
U.S. Presidency, the most powerful post in the world, as a five year-old regards a red cape. Flying around the globe from country to country summit to summit touting America
as an oppressor painting the portrait of America as if American’s have something to regret. The ever growing thrust toward political correctness as well as hefty past regrets
gulled a huge portion of Americans into voting for a man out of what equates to subconscious retaliation. A sort of penance for America’s past regrets, in which Obama
seems to be riding the wave of like a true Hawaiian surfer.

Those of us who have not succumbed to the indoctrination of the liberal, pro-nanny-state news organizations and public school systems, know that the responsibility of
modern man is that of modern man and has no relation to the sins of our fathers, nor do we have the right to suffer our children our sins. I might add that any one who
argues such forgets that the country we live in now would not be the country it is today had not our past and our history played out exactly the way it has. We know
America is safer when we are aggressive in our pursuits’ regardless of whom we may or may not offend.

All of the acts committed by our forefathers, both acts of generosity and sacrifice as well as acts of malice, are all a part of America’s history, like it or not. Our founders
sought to deliver us a sovereign nation, bound only by the rule of natural law, which they intensely deliberated and toiled over for many hours to form what we call
The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States of America, and The Bill of Rights. Their hard work has created the foundations of a nation
that was destined to become the greatest nation among all the globe’s nations. A nation based upon the individual and upon free market capitalism and freedom to choose
one’s destiny. Despite all this, we do not celebrate our history and morn the sacrifice of our fore fathers, we instead morn our history and neglect if not completely ignore the
sacrifices of our founders and our fathers whom came before us.

Our mothers and fathers have given their blood, sweat, and tears as sacrifice in order to deliver us the freedoms we now carelessly take for granted. The men and women whom
have put their lives on the line in order to protect our sovereignty and our American way of life did so because they believed in the benevolence, freedom, and greatness
of America. They believed in the words of our founders and in the documents our founders penned; documents, inspired not just from the events and minds of the day but,
more importantly from human history and from the greatest minds in human history. We squander our freedoms. We do not do these great men justice.

We allow those in power to remain in power even if we do not approve of their dealings. We allow our freedoms to be slowly digested in the ever growing mandates of social
contract. A song many nations before have sung to a tune of their own inevitable collapse. Individuals should be responsible for their own actions and their own well being.

We allow the indoctrination of our individuals, mainly children, who seem to be taught that they cannot think or act on their own behalf or perhaps are taught that they do not have
to or cannot create opportunity or even voice their own opinions. Political correctness has closed the door on open discussion by Americans. Everyone tip toes around everything
afraid their going to hurt someone’s feelings or afraid to be the subject of a law suit. Traditional and academic debate has broken into a more primitive format no longer civil in
discourse but rather playing to whims of popular opinions.

We simply rejoice because a popular well-spoken man has become president based on a tried and true campaign slogan, “change”. A very popular notion and not the first
time it has been used in an election. I have heard the notion entertained that simply because Obama has won the presidency and he is popular, this somehow makes his
agenda infallible and his actions unquestionable, especially by those concerned about the radical stances his agenda has taken on many issues. To be beholden solely to
popular opinion is to be at the mercy of what ever fancy seems to strike the populous this particular day. Just because someone or something is popular by no means makes
that person or thing infallible or unquestionable nor should we allow them to go on so.

The notion of a “Global Community” has a nice tone to it however it covers the reality of nations and national interests. Not all nations have the same objectives and it is
ludicrous to subjugate American power and might to world consensus. The “World” has envied America since before our independence as a place full of newness and wonder
with abundant open space, clean water, clean air, and natural resources abound.

Today we are still envied, however that envy has grown into contempt by several nations. There are those who do not share America’s interests at all fore they have their
own interest in mind. This is where Obama has a complete and total character flaw. He genuinely believes that people of sustenance have an obligation to take into
consideration those of lesser means. On the surface this sounds nice but look closer and one sees those that have sustenance do so because they have educated them selves,
struggled to overcome adversity, and made no excuses other than citing their own imperfections. Were as those of lesser means usually have not taken the steps to educate
them selves or their children and use adversity as an excuse not to try or succeed.

Rather than treating adversity as an impenetrable force one should view it as an obstacle to be overcome. We all experience adversity but we do not all overcome it.
Just as stated by the founders we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not the right to be happy but rather the right to pursue it. Just as we don’t have
a right to prosperity but rather we have the right to overcome adversity. Equality of opportunity not equality of outcome, this is one of many ideas our founders sought
after and endorsed.

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