If I were a newly elected “Conservative” Republican my agenda would be….

*First and Foremost concentrate on National Security and anti-terrorism / Border Security and illegal immigration. (largest real physical threat to American Citizens).

*Second, economy and entitlements. Start by making the Bush tax cuts permanent, then introduce additional tax cuts for small business. (boost both job creation and consumer confidence).

*Next, roll up the sleeves and start repealing unconstitutional entitlements starting with Obama Care working back in time.

*Follow with Education reform. (Take on the union monopoly on our tax money under the guise of helping the children).

And last but not least…

*Tax Reform (Start by limiting the IRS’s authority while moving away from the confiscatory income taxes and more toward a flat tax or national sales tax.)

 Thanks for your Vote. 

Antonio A. Clemente For Congress in 2014