I am not a Libertarian. I am a conservative.

Yet I find myself perplexed by the number of conservatives ready to toss Newt Gingrich aside because of his personal life. What is it that drives this insatiable need to sit in judgment of this man and the decisions he has made in his personal life?

Is it the squeaky-clean lives we all have lead where we have neither committed physical adultery, nor have we lusted after another in our minds? (Both ARE sins, according to the scripture…)

Is it the fact that we are looking to tear down a candidate who might not be our personal favorite? I thought that was what Democrats did to their opponents…correct me if I’m wrong here…

Is it the fact that SOME of Newt’s policy positions, which he puts forth with unequaled eloquence and mastery, simply do not sync with our own? Last I checked, even Reagan had some policy positions nearly every conservative disagreed with at some point or another. Did we work to tear him down endlessly?

Is it because we see him as less electable than the other candidates?

Is it because he isn’t physically fit?

How many other petty reasons will we use to justify drudging up 20 year-old personal matters that have nothing to do with saving this country?

People, we have serious problems to fix…and we need a problem solver NOW.

I don’t give a rip who Newt has cheated on in the past. That’s right…I DON’T CARE. The man has obviously made some terrible personal mistakes, but look at this from a practical point of view: If God hadn’t forgiven him for his sins, would he have put this historic opportunity to transform the greatest nation on Earth within his grasp?

As for the other candidates…

Rick Perry would have been my preferred candidate…if only he could find a coherent sentence once in a while when speaking in front of a national audience. The guy simply isn’t ready for the GOP prime-time, let alone for an all-out war with the Obama machine. At one point I wasn’t sure, but now I am convinced: Obama v. Perry on the national stage = 4 more years of darkness…BANK ON IT.

Mitt Romney is worse than a RINO. He is a wolf in sheeps wool, pretending to be just conservative enough to fool the GOP primary electorate until he sprints to the left in the general. NO THANK YOU…

Bachmann…Santorum…Paul…Huntsman…pretenders all…

Newt Gingrich may not be the perfect candidate, but he is one who can, at a minimum, serve to right many of the Obama wrongs socially, economically, and with regards to foreign affairs. And he can crush Obama not once…not twice…but THREE (3) times in nationally-televised  debates. Don’t tell me that prospect doesn’t make you grin ear-to-ear!

I will not presume to tell anyone here how they should feel and vote. Each person desiring a dramatic shift in this country’s direction must leave his/her own decision at the foot of his/her conscience.

As for me, I will not “hold my nose” and vote for this guy if he is our candidate. I will proudly say that I chose the candidate best able to restore America’s greatness.