Fellow conservatives, it is really not in my nature to be a doomsayer. I generally like to think the best about the country and its future because, by and large, we have really great people keeping her afloat amidst really tough economic times.

But I have come to a conclusion regarding the impending Fiscal Cliff…a conclusion that cannot be avoided or contradicted in any way, shape or form:

Thanks to Obamacare and the federal government’s inability to live within its means, the country is heading back to recession.

Bloggers on the left are whining about the need for Republicans to work with Democrats, citing a mandate resulting from last Tuesday’s shameful performance on the part of the American public. To those bloggers, and the soggy wimps on our side who don’t want the idiots who voted Obama back into office to hurt us, I say this:



The First to Stop Applauding

This isn’t a hyperbolic overreaction to the election results. It’s an acknowledgement that elections have consequences…and that some people in this country need to learn a cold, hard lesson.

I find it more than mildly amusing that the same people who have been doing victory dances over Obama’s re-election are now crowing for Republicans to save them from the fiscal cliff…a cliff that promises cuts in entitlement spending, education funding, and unemployment funding that the left holds so very near and dear to their hearts. Are we now to come up with a “grand bargain” to keep SOME tax cuts in place while slashing funding for national defense…all the while bloating the rest of the federal budget that borrows from China (with interest) and prints money to cover massive deficits?

If I was House Speaker (John Boehner, I’m talking directly to you), I’d say the following…and I’d say it on national television:

Barack Obama campaigned on ending the “evil” Bush tax cuts, reducing wasteful spending, and giving everyone a “fair shot”. The much-dreaded “fiscal cliff” accomplishes each of those campaign promises. Therefore, House Republicans will allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, will agree to the across the board spending cuts as a result of the deficit reduction deal we made last session, and will advise the country to brace itself for the coming impact of Obamacare and its mandate/tax increases and $716 billion in Medicare cuts.

There it is, Mr. Speaker…your ready-made response to Barack Obama’s pitiful, divisive rhetoric of earlier today. Elections have consequences…among them are an adherence to the campaign wishes of the prevailing party and their “mandate”.

And to the American public, put away your hankies. I DON’T FREAKING WANT TO HEAR IT. You knew what this guy was all about…he told you EXACTLY how he would govern…and precisely what his plan for the country was.

You ignored it…you bought the bag of cat crap…now live with it.

By the way, that includes you people in WI, IA, NV, MN, MI, OH, FL, VA. YOU handed this creep and his fellow creeps on the senate another two years, at minimum, behind the wheel. As streiff, brilliantly pointed out in his diary, it is now time to enjoy that warp-speed voyage toward the cliff you cared so little about when you voted. Perhaps next time you will give deeper thought to voting for someone who can move the country forward instead of supporting a lying, thieving, slandering coward who sold you snake oil not once but TWICE.

Does this seem harsh? I’ve got news for you. I now have to raise my kids under the boot of a devalued dollar, Obamacare, and a pool of enemies abroad who are eating their way to the center of our nation. HARSH is what future generations have to endure thanks to last Tuesday.

I’ve said my peace. If Republicans have any stones, they’ll do this very thing. It’s our only hope of shaking mindless idiots out of the delusion that liberalism is good for the country…and thus, the best hope we have of taking America back before it’s too late.