Monica Conyers, that is.

Here is the story:

Judge declares Monica Conyers indigent
Doug Guthrie / The Detroit News

Detroit — Monica Conyers is indigent, according to a federal judge who has appointed a tax-funded public defender to help her appeal the three-year sentence she received last week for bribery conspiracy.

The former Detroit City Council president and wife of U.S. Rep. John Conyers Jr., D-Detroit, needs public assistance in her effort to overturn a deal she made to avoid trial on federal charges related to allegations of city contractor bribes.

The fact that her husband was paid more than $170,000 last year isn’t a consideration when calculating her ability to pay a lawyer. Federal law requires the determination of a defendant’s ability to hire a lawyer to be made without regard for the financial ability of the family.

From The Detroit News:

It may just be that Congressman Conyers was underwhelmed when he heard the following

“My husband is an older man, and my son is 14, and I have done everything this court asked me to do,” she said. “You asked me to quit my job. I did. You asked me to stay off television. I did. … You asked me to see a psychologist. I did.”

What is the expression?  Hell hath no fury like an older man scorned?

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