Memo to the RNC:

In 2008, the President got 78% of votes cast by Jewish citizens.  Because they tend to participate at very high rates, this makes these votes even more important in such battleground states as Florida and Ohio.

Everyone knows the buyers’ remorse which has set in amongst Jews.

Want to close the deal, and raise the entertainment value of upcoming convention?  Book Jackie Mason for a 10 or 15 min speaking slot.

Here, from, is a taste of what he would say:

Stated Mason: “What I would like to know is this: Why does it take five years to find out that Israel is there? Did he just buy a map a week ago? He didn’t know that Israel exists until two hours ago?”

The stand up continued: “Can someone answer this question? The Jews gave him 78 percent of their vote. They went everywhere to help him but he can’t go across the street to help them? He is in Egypt and in Lebanon and every country around there within a block and a half of Israel. And he couldn’t cross the street to say hello to them?”

Mason said the Obama campaign’s announcement last week of a second term visit to Israel sends a message to Jewish voters that “they don’t deserve [a visit] unless they send him another 78 million dollars and give them another 78 percent of the vote.”

At this point, Rabbi Mason (he was trained as one) needs no introduction.  His website, however, is here, and the link to above is here

Do us all a favor and lighten up the program.

Then follow it up with someone who speaks directly to the white, blue collar demographic which Donks have written off.  How about Larry the Cable Guy?