I base this on a small but realistic sample.

For the past several weeks I have been going once or twice a week to make calls at a local Republican Victory Center in Michigan.  Our function has been a simple one:  calling on lists of swing voters to ask whether Mitt or they other guy will have their vote come the election.

This weekend we tried an experiment.  Our computer guy printed out a listing of registered voters with one, or sometimes more, ‘z’ in the spelling of their last name.  It was fairly clear which ones were Polish.

As an experiment I tried calling several dozen of these names.  Although I tried offering an email copy of the letter, the ones most interested in receiving Mitt’s speech had no way of receiving a digital copy.  Older, less affluent, less well educated, they had no computer in home.


Why Are the 90s Back? (LISTEN)

There was only one recipient, a high pitched woman who just didnt want to hear.

Send it to me in the mail, they said, one after another.

If anyone from the R national campaign is reading this, I would have Mitt draft a short one page letter including excerpts from the speech.   I would have it go out over Mitt’s signature with a phone number and invitation to visit a campaign office.

In the back of my mind is doing the same outreach to Jewish Americans offering a copy of the Jerusalem speech.   My guess is they will all have computers to receive a digital version.

It would be interesting to learn of any similar experiences.