Memo to Mitt.

Invoke Ozzie Guillen.

Everyone in America, even folks who can’t speak English, will understand you.

Stand up in the debates and explain the Benghazi attacks like this:

It’s like you’re in a tight game and the other team’s pitcher throws at one of your guys.  Beans him.  Kills him.

What are you going to do?  What would Ozzie Guillen, manager now in Florida, and formerly of the White Sox do?  Everyone in America knows.   Everyone in the world knows.

In a game Ozzie’s White Sox were losing by eight runs,  his player A. J. Pierzynski was hit twice by the opposing pitchers.  Ozzie called in rookie pitcher Sean Tracy to face the Texas Rangers’ Hank Blalock.   There was only one instruction:  hit him.  Pay them back.

When instead Tracy induced  Ranger Hank Blalock to ground out,   Guillen’s fury was so intense that Tracy pulled his jacket up over his face.  Reports were the rookie was crying.

That was the end of Sean Tracy’s major league baseball career.   In a game where players need respect, he had lost it all.

In the big game, when our ambassador was raped and killed (not necessarily in that order), our manager left early from Washington for a fund raiser in Las Vegas.

It isn’t that complicated.  People will get it.