In my experience with various teachers, the words that still ring true are: people will be impacted by you relating your personal experience, not what you attempt to relate from a book.  Your experience is yours.  Nobody can refute that.

Well, in the wake of all of the HHS hysteria from the Olympics opening ceremonies it is important for me to note this.

I have two personal friends that within a week of each other experienced chest pains while working out. Both men. Both in their 50’s. Both in apparently good health.  Both husbands.  Both dads.  Both productive leaders in the community. You get the point.  Both immediately called their doctors and both were scheduled for stress tests within a couple of days.  After the tests being shut down within the first two minutes, they were scheduled for echocardiograms.  The “echos” showed problems and within two days, they were in the operating room where significant blockages were found and stents installed in multiples arteries.

My point is this:  for you liberals that want healthcare for all and want to turn our system into England or Canada…THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN CANADA OR ENGLAND. My friends would have been placed on a waiting list to see a cardiologist and maybe two or three months from now (if they were still alive) they would have been approved for surgery. Don’t believe me? Do the research and you will find out why the rest of the world claims that their favorable outcomes statistics are better than those in the U.S.

I’m not saying we don’t have problems.  But this country was founded on certain principles with one of those being the responsibility of the individual. More individuals need to be exhibiting more responsibility for their own well-being and insist on free market solutions instead of expecting the government to bail them out.  For  those liberals who have parents over 50 years of age (or who themselves are over 50), a healthcare system like that in Canada or England will not be your friend.