Putin, Philosophy, The Eastern Mediterranean, and Obama’s Arrogance

    Earlier this year I wrote a diary on Putin and his courtship of Greece, and how this was quite predictable, if one knew that one of the main driving forces in Russian History is a quest to control the eastern Mediterranean, i.e. a quest to bring Russia access to a port which does not freeze. Putin’s annexation of the Crimea was part of that same | Read More »

    While You Slept II: Russia Dominates the Eastern Mediterranean

    While You Slept by John T. Flynn is a classic analysis from the “Who lost China?” debate of the Cold War.  Flynn showed how “softness on Communism” in the Roosevelt-Truman State Department and how propaganda in the U.S. media prepared the way for Mao-Tse-Tung’s murderous Communist dictatorship. Today we are watching a similar story in Eastern Europe and in the Eastern Mediterranean: because of “softness on | Read More »

    Your 2008-2016 Depression and Anger, St. Augustine, Oswald Spengler, A Host of Others, and Your Future

    In the movie Ben-Hur, based on the book by Civil War General Lew Wallace, a book rarely if ever read in the schools these days, Balthasar (one of the Three Kings) witnesses the crucifixion of Jesus, and crushed by the madness he has seen in Jerusalem, he turns away and says: “I have lived too long.” After reading many things at assorted Conservative sites such | Read More »

    The Crusades: Today’s Fictions vs. Yesterday’s Facts

    Some members have requested that I compose an essay on the Crusades.  I have been reluctant because of the size of such a subject, and for other reasons. Today, since I had some time, and because a few good people have asked, I have written the following. The History of the Crusades cannot possibly be addressed properly in an essay for a website.  The purpose here | Read More »

    Homosexuality, Transvestism, Macy’s, McDonald’s, and Thanksgiving!

    When you wanted to watch Thanksgiving Day parades in the good ol’ days, networks used to have cameras which showed the parade.  You would have to endure commentary full of terrible jokes from Level Z celebrities and news reporters who had drawn the short straw, but you could always turn down the sound. A good number of years ago, this began to change: promotions for | Read More »

    Why Should the British Support BIG BRObama In Anything?

    From the first moments after the inauguration in 2009, when BIG BRObama removed the bust of Winston Churchill from the White House, the current resident of that domicile has practically looked for excuses to insult the British. Nile Gardiner of the British newspaper has been keeping a running list of MAObama’s insults. Since first taking office in 2009, the Obama presidency has displayed what can | Read More »

    California Republican Wins State Senate Seat With – YES! – Hispanic Support [Promoted]

    Promoted from Diaries. I will not write too much myself, but the Republican establishment needs to pay attention to this election. From BREITBART: Excerpts: As Breitbart News had previously reported, though, “Vidak, a working class candidate, resonated with working class Hispanics in the district who also saw how coastal California elites were not putting their bread-and-butter interests first.” Vidak ran broadly on “the bifurcation of | Read More »

    Helping The Poor vs. Keeping Government Small: The Phony Choice

    Ah, Wilderness!  Ah, Compassionate Conservatism!  The former brings you fresh air, the latter makes you gag! Governor John Kasich of Ohio, who has stumbled politically several times and blamed everyone but himself, yesterday insisted that God, or more specifically, Saint Peter, was on his side about accepting BIG BRObama’s poison pill known as Medicaid Expansion. “The most-important thing for this legislature to think about: Put | Read More »

    BIG BRObama Forbids “Snooping” In Radicalized Mosques

    Basically this diary wants to call your attention to an excellent, but as yet not well known editorial, in the June 12, 2013 Investor’s Business Daily. Have you ever heard of the Sensitive Operations Review Committee in the justice Department? …the government’s sweeping surveillance of our most private communications excludes the jihad factories where homegrown terrorists are radicalized. Since October 2011, mosques have been off-limits | Read More »

    “Person of Interest” Is Now Officially (almost) a Documentary

    If you have watched this year’s best new show Person of Interest you already know that the premise concerns a computer genius who designed a huge spying computer for the government as part of the War on Terror.  Its purpose was to ferret out terrorists, “but it sees everything.” In the show, “The Machine” is attaining a type of consciousness, and can predict crime up | Read More »