After watching ads about Romney (and occasionally Ryan) from MAObama and his minions, here is what America knows about Mitt Romney.

1. He is rich!  And it is bad to be rich, because apparently you become rich only by being a crook.

2. He has rich friends.  And it is bad to have rich friends, because they are all crooks too, and apparently have a scheme of some sort because…

3. Romney and his rich friends (like Donald Trump, whose airplane somehow shows up in many ads about Romney) are for some reason very dissatisfied with their level of richness, and want to become richer by taking tax money from poor and average Americans.

Why BIG BRObama cannot just arrest Romney and his fat-cat friends right now for conspiracy I have no idea!  Because the Romney plot becomes even worse!

4. He wants to take away your kids’ college-loan money and your parents’ and grandparents’ Social Security and Medicare Money!!!!   Your children will never go to college to get drunk and be indoctrinated by leftist professors, and your parents and grandparents will get sick and die, and he will just fly around in a plane that is always shadowed by Donald Trump’s plane, and both of them will use YOUR RELATIVES’ MONEY to fuel the engines!

How evil can you get?  You might think Romney’s plan for America ends here.

“But wait!  There’s more!”

5. He wants YOU to be unemployed!  Romney practiced putting businesses into bankruptcy and making thousands of people unemployed: he sent their jobs to India or China or just killed the jobs off…forever!  And when he was governor of Massachusetts, he made sure that Massachusetts “dropped to 47th” in job creation, even though it really rose to 47th from 50th!!!

How he accomplished that trick remains a mystery worthy of Houdini or even Scooby-Doo!   

And now…the worst and evilest part of the scheme ever!!!   

His dissatisfaction must be very very very deep and psychological, because…

6. He wants to steal your sexual pleasure!!!   

Yes!!!  Romney will REFUSE your right to have guilt-less, baby-free, taxpayer funded sex!  A right guaranteed in the 57th Amendment!  Apparently Romney has a secret plan to steal and keep Americans’ sexual pleasure for himself and his rich friends!  I know this is true because MAObama’s ads show very unsatisfied, sour-faced, pre-and-post-menopausal women who apparently have not had sexual pleasure for a long long time, and were looking forward to it during BIG BRObama’s second term!

And now Romney is drying up their dreams!

So please explain to me: WHY is Romney allowed to live in America?  Why is he not in jail?  Or deported?

And feel free to list any more of his plans…as revealed by the ads from Fearless Leader From Behind, BIG BRObama!!!