One would think that my state, Ohio, would not be considering retaining MAObama at all.  It voted for a Republican governor in 2010 and is making a small comeback as a result.  And yet today, September 30th, the Columbus Dispatch runs a front-page story about a poll with BIG BRObama leading by 9 points, 51-42.

“Fire Obama” signs, however, were quite visible during a two-day trip through northern Ohio yesterday and on Friday.  For assorted reasons my wife and I traveled from the edge of Toledo and the Lake Erie coast – Sandusky, Port Clinton, through small towns like Findlay and Norwalk – to southern Cleveland suburbs.  I saw all of 4 (four) yard signs that were for BIG BRObama: others said things like: “Save Our Republic!”  “Remove Obama!”  “Preserve Religious Freedom!”

The one sign which sent an unpleasant chill down my spine was “Workers For Obama!”

I immediately thought of the scene in the movie Dr. Zhivago where Russian soldiers hear that “Lenin is in Moscow.”  An old man does not know who this is, and asks: “This Lenin: would he be the new czar then?”  And a much younger man shouts ecstatically: “No, grandpa!  No more czars!  Only free workers in a workers’ state!”

My wife thought the slogan smacked of Communism, which it does, as well as dividing “workers” from…whom?  The rest of those NOT working?  From the U.S. Entitlement Army?

Here is the irony: this sign was in the nicely trimmed yard at a large, well-kept, expensive house with a two-car garage and easily an acre of land!  I have noticed that at times it is the modest house displaying the “Romney-Ryan” sign, while the larger, more expensive place has this arrogant sounding sign:


The Real Problem with Trump

“Another Upper Arlington Citizen for Obama!”

(Upper Arlington is an older but still expensive suburb of Columbus.)

These are undoubtedly wondrous times for anyone studying the psychology of politics!  Ohio has shown past signs of political schizophrenia by sending one Republican and one Democratic senator to D.C.  Like right now we have the Listerine-needy Dem Sherrod Brown with Republican Robert Portman, also elected in 2010.

I will not predict whether Ohio will go for Romney: my sense is that the state is not that stupid.  And yet Drudge has a story about how 10% of Ohio’s population has a “free Obama-Phone” with 250 minutes per month all paid for by your tax dollars.  The story quotes a woman dissatisfied with 4 hours and 10 minutes or “free” time per month: she wants more, because 250 minutes are barely enough for “emergencies.”

Maybe she is accident-prone?

What I do know is that the MAObama ads on television are relentless, are full of class warfare, and now have the “47%” comments of Romney out of context and of course with a sneering tone.  What I do know is that there are seemingly intelligent people here who have been bewitched by MAObama’s brew and cannot be dissuaded from supporting him, and that there are people who refuse to register or pay attention to the election because “all politicians are a bunch of crooks anyway.”

However, I also know that people are not happy with BIG BRObama and his entitlement agenda, that while standing in line at a post office one can mutter “and the same government wants to be in charge of our health care” and receive rueful agreement, and that Ohioans with small businesses – like those across the country – feel oppressed and depressed by a future built around a Socialist, anti-capitalist agenda.

We will see what happens in November: Salvet nos Dominus in his temporibus aterrimis!

(May the Lord save us in these darkest of times!)