Those with and without military expertise are expecting the middle of the October to be the best time for an Israeli strike against Iran.  The most moonlight of the month will occur with the full moon on October 12th, which would aid any night-time raid on Iran’s nuclear weapons bases.

I suspect that the catalyst may be an assumption by the Israeli government that MAObama will be re-elected.  And where would such an assumption come from by that time?  Possibly from the MSM polling data, skewed and flawed though it is, has been, and will be.  I also suspect that the Israelis would rather wait for a Romney presidency, where they would be more likely to receive honest American support rather than the duplicitous back-stabbing it has suffered from the current resident of the White House.

We could have a case where deliberately biased – and possibly completely false – opinion polls would be telling the Israelis to attack Iran now.

What I am unsure of here is whether an October Israeli attack helps or hurts BIG BRObama.  If he condemns it, as I suspect he would, his base of pacifists and anti-Semites will be more than thrilled.  If he votes present and waffles on it with some vague message of supporting peace in the Middle East, a message released on a Friday night, will America care?  If he seems to support it, or in fact did support it with some sort of auxiliary military action, will America think that finally he is showing leadership, or will they be appalled that we are being dragged into another war?

We know (most probably) that Romney would support the action.

And what happens if such an attack is a disaster for the Israelis, or is inconclusive?  Or, successful or not,  sets off massive rioting and murder against Western countries and their institutions across the planet?

Do Americans stay with MAObama under such conditions?  Would he (improbably) rise to the occasion and show leadership from the front?

The clock is ticking.