It has been posted previously that Gov. Janet Napolitano will be resigning once she is confirmed as The One’s Secretary of Homeland Security, and that Republican Sec. of State Jan Brewer will take over as Governor.

Soon-to-be Gov. Brewer has chosen former State Sen. Ken Bennett of Prescott to succeed her as SoS. Bennett was the former GOP President of the AZ Senate, and was mentioned as a possible Congressional candidate and as a potential opponent for Napolitano last time around. He was term limited out of office. This puts him in a statewide position for which he will likely run for (re-)election in 2010. Depending on how long Brewer wants to stay in office, Bennett would then have statewide name recognition and be a viable candidate to succeed her as Governor.

It’s even within the realm of possibility that he could oppose McCain in the 2010 primary, but I don’t see that as likely. McCain’s a tough guy to beat in the AZ GOP; it would take a serious suck-up to the Obama administration for McCain to tick off the GOP enough to be vulnerable. However, he seems to be trying to go that way so far. Hmmm….