ColdWarrior keeps pushing and pushing us RedState folks to become Precinct Committeepersons (PC’s), continuing Martin Knight’s drumbeat. Listen to him! That is how we will change and reinvigorate the Republican party.

Here’s my story:
After Sarah Palin’s selection last year, I got charged up and and finally submitted a PC application with my county GOP. Since all PC slots in my precinct were vacant (this is not at all unusual), it was just a matter of getting appointed by my County GOP Chair (and then approved by the County Board of Supervisors). I made about 1500 buttons for the campaign, went door-to-door on election day, attended some meetings, etc, enough that some party folks got to know my name and face. When we moved about 2 months ago, I got in touch to change my address and my precinct. Again, all 5 PC slots in my new precinct were vacant, so I just got moved over to the new precinct. The Chair asked me at that time if I wanted to get more involved in the party. Easy answer on that one.

Today, she called me and said the executive committee had elected me as the Youth Group coordinator for the county at their last meeting. It is essentially a new position, so they want to talk to me about what can be done to get ratcheted up before 2010. Basically, I’ll oversee any Young Republican, College Republican, High School Republican, etc groups in the county and try to get more started where they don’t exist already. Basically, I’ll be in charge of outreach to the “younger generation” (like Amy Miller and Jake W!).

All this because I filled out a one-page PC app (and I’ll point out, also too 😉 , that none of this would have happened if McCain hadn’t picked Palin, which I had been rooting for for almost a year before it happened thanks to Adam Brickley’s now famous blog!). So if there are any of you that aren’t already PC’s (or other position in your local party), get out there and sign up now! Talk to your conservative friends and get them to do the same. We can electrify this party in time for a huge victory in 2010!

P.S. I might add that my county GOP is already pretty conservative, so there’s no coup necessary here! Just want lots of fresh blood.