No matter if Obama was really correct or brutally honest in claiming Egypt 2012 is neither an ally or an enemy, I was struck that the way the Obama administration chose to walk this one back was to claim…well, it was all our fault.

You see, President Obama can’t help it if he was a lawyer by trade.  Kinda.  A super-smart lawyer.  Sometimes, you see he just talks in this super-smart vernacular and he expects us all to understand.  It can be hard, you see for the Mensa crowd (like President Obama) to talk in the language of the plebes all the time.

What is really going on here, in my opinion is the spineless nature of this President and his administration.  They are quick to take a particular position on anything…until it might offend someone in the Gang of 500.

For instance, somehow the United States can support the toppling of Gaddafi in Libya, but “lead from behind” so that we could be totally involved…but we were not really responsible don’t you see.

That whole video at the Democrat National Convention — you know, where the whole event should revolve around nominating Barack Obama — well this video pointing out “we all belong to government” wasn’t really approved by the Obama 2012 team.  We learn this factoid after it didn’t play so well outside the Democrat bubble…even though Democrats there were totally fine as property of the government.  Oh but they didn’t mean it like that, you know.

President Obama appears to tell business owners large and small “you didn’t build that” when referring to how people have government to thank for bridges and roads and they just couldn’t do it all without government…but of course he didn’t mean “you didn’t build that” like you think he did!

And now they aren’t sure if Egypt is really an “ally” or not in its fledgling state — but the Best Wordsmith of our Time got caught in a political pickle, so he didn’t mean that like you think he did.  If it is offensive to you, well then clearly the problem is your reception, not the transmission.

Never you mind that one year ago, President Barack Obama was pleased as punch to be the Cheerleader in Chief of the “Arab Spring” and particularly the toppling of Egypt’s government — you know, that government that we had no question was our ally.

You know, back when I started taking some advanced classes in business and finance, it was considered a faux pas to use the dictionary as a source for a speech or position paper.  For example, when you open a speech or paper with “Merriam-Webster defines ‘ally’ as…”  Yeah, that was really considered so undergrad or even high school.  That was akin to using the encyclopedia as a source when you were in high school — not allowed if you actually wanted a good grade!  Not to mention looking juvenile…

But the Obama administration wants us all to believe that he really was talking about the legal definition of the word.

Just pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Frankly, upon second thought I was rather offended that even in their political retreat, the Obama administration had found a way to be condescending, and frankly offended my intelligence.  The Gang of 500 will eat this up and give the Obama administration a pass — but this is one more spoonful of dirt removed from the foundation of our credibility in the international community.  The Obama administration will stop at nothing to save their own political skins.  Meanwhile our friends and allies cannot trust our government, and our enemies laugh in our general direction.

We deserve a better President.