While poking around on Daily Kos this morning, I came across this post summarizing various Senate and House races.

What caught my eye was this entry about the Senate seat recently held by former Klu Klux Klan member Robert Byrd:

“WV-Sen: Might there be a 2010 special elex, after all?
The semi-definitive word from West Virginia Sec. of State Natalie Tennant this week regarding the special election to replace the late Robert Byrd might not be the final word. There are now rumblings that the concept of a November 2010 special election might not be dead, after all. There are both legal questions (regarding the application of the election laws, something state AG Darrell McGraw is still reviewing) and political questions to consider. Here is a political theory, for example: Democratic Governor Joe Manchin might be a better bet to hold the seat for Democrats now rather than 2012. His approval is sky-high now, with no guarantee that it will remain that way for 30 months. Furthermore, having President Obama at the top of the ticket, even in a good Democratic climate, is not necessarily an asset in West Virginia, given his weak performances there in both the 2008 primary and general elections.”

Notice how the writer moves seamlessly from the “legal question” to the “political question”. It is presented in an intermingled way, as though the writer is subconsciously acknowledging that the Democrat West Virginia Attorney General’s LEGAL decision is inextricably tied to the POLITICAL equation. It is casually implied that as a matter of routine, legal decisions turn on political considerations.

Those of us on the Right have long known that the Left is dishonest and will do anything to grasp and maintain power. Its nice when they occasionally let the veil slip and prove the point for us.