There is a single candidate that stands between Mitt Romney and the 2012 Republican Party nomination for president.

That person is not Jon Huntsman. Huntsman made a severe tactical error early on by thumbing his nose at conservatives. It made no sense at the time and is now revealed as a monumentally arrogant blunder.

That person is not Rick Perry. For all his many attributes, Perry is a poor candidate. He is inarticulate and not conversant with issues outside those he deals with as Governor of Texas. He is a good retail politician but that isn’t good enough in this age of massive information inundation.

That person is not Rick Santorum. Santorum is too intense and dour a personality to win an election for president. To point out that he lacks subtlety and a graceful touch is to state the obvious. In Iowa he became the default Not-Romney, but he won’t play in other regions.

That person is Newt Gingrich. He’s arrogant, a bit goofy at times, and always seems to find a way to befoul the corn flakes, but he is the only Not-Romney with a realistic chance to win.

By all means continue to howl at the moon and dream dreams of what might have been. Pine away for a knight on a white horse to carry you away to Conservative Nirvana. Waste your time pretending that Candidate X is the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan. Whatever makes you happy, sweetheart.

If and when you by chance float back down to earth and survey the field with the eyes of a realist, you will then understand that this is the choice we all have now:  Romney or Gingrich.

Pick whichever one bothers you the least.