Somewhere Warren G. Harding and James Buchanan are knocking back a few as they toast their elevation another rung up the ladder. Barack Hussein Obama will almost certainly be viewed by honest historians as the emptiest suit ever to hold the office of President of the United States. Privately, even Jimmy Carter must be all smiles as he anticipates a position upgrade.

Obama has but one tool in his “arsenal”. That tool is His Oneness. All he ever really had was his ability to mislead and gull foolish people with his grandiose speechifying.  In 2008 his campaign was built on what he wasn’t (George W. Bush) and what he pretended to be (a transcendent leader).

Imagine a bridge that was built in 1830 and is about to collapse due to the ravages of time. Imagine too that someone comes along and repaints the guardrails, lays down a fresh layer of asphalt and declares the bridge brand new. That is precisely what Obama did to the well worn liberal agenda in 2008, and 53% of the voters said “Oh my a fine new bridge! How lovely!”


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I’ve never understood why he is considered a great speaker. In retrospect his keynote address at the 2004 DNC only sounded good because it was the first time most of the country had heard it. We’ve all heard it dozens of times since then. His never varying sing-song cadence grates in a way that Bill Clinton’s delivery does not. Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan were great speakers,  while Obama sounds like a polished version of a Toastmasters speech.

His so called “soaring” oratory that inevitably casts himself in the role of transformational leader, is the only tool Obama has now or ever has had. Outside of histrionics his ability has been revealed as nil. Unless you count shooting hoops or playing golf, he has betrayed no aptitude for accomplishment since taking office.

Actually that’s not fair. He is very calm. His ability to project “calm” is both legend and fact. He could have made a great pediatrician on TV. Perhaps post-presidency he can star in a beer commercial as the Worlds Calmest Man. 

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